Excavation site AV-1

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Noble Renegade
    After discovering Forerunner signals emanating from an Ice Age planet, the UNSC is attempting to excavate the signal’s origin.


    This map was made as a side project that I re-tooled and continued to work on. After a lot of rework I am finally confident to post it here. The map was made off of a quick doodle I made back in February of 2016.

    (Please forgive the crappy drawing, this was the rough out.)

    This map became sort of a testing ground for me to learn and grow. The main idea behind the map was the death pit which is something I always wanted to build a map around. Over the course of developing the map I found that the power weapon that played the best was the hydra. Another thing to look out for an this map is the piping, all orange pipes are claimable. The core attached to the front of the control center can be destroyed by players to open the control center's blast doors as well as open temporary clamber routes. Built for 4v4 slayer, ctf, strongholds, assault, and ricochet.

    Note: the CE Magnum is an ester egg


    The map also has some hidden secrets.
    (Hint, Hint.)

    Please leave feedback about the map and thank you.

    Big thanks to DeafxVaterr (Who made the easter egg as a joke), Alpha Seamoose, Not Nick B, and Katsamucooper2.​
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  1. fame28

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    This is an exceptional map posting! I love that you took the time to make an overhead layout diagram. The details on the building, steam, frost in certain areas give the map a really immersive feeling.
  2. ZombieDyer

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  3. Ascend Hyperion

    Ascend Hyperion The Homeslice
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    Great attention to detail and extra geometry. Nice piece manipulation!
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  4. Noble Renegade

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    Thank you guys so much. It means a lot.

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