8v8 Capture the Flag

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    In game map description:
    Discovered by Elites, this tidal-reef bears long forgotten remembrances, of those long lost.. (8-16)

    When building this map I originally intended to make a 4v4 map centered around a tower similar to the one on Halo 2 Relic, but as I built the tower I asked my self would this be a better base design?
    So I made the choice to turn the tower into a BTB base and stated to build the map. the map was designed to have this really cool up hill cliff side combat with a lot of vertical interactions. as for the vehicle choices each team gets two Ghosts to directly combat infantry, as of the Banshees Icrushall requested them and I though wow that's actually a good idea and sure enough they are fun!
    On the map you will find power ups and weapons that can help you in any situation, including the shade turrets that can be a defense tool, or a attacking force, I wanted to build Estuary with combat freedom in mind and I hope you guys will enjoy the map as much as the people who helped test, and me did! ;3


  1. D4rkpr1nc3

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    The atmosphere you created with this map is fantastic. Great use of water as well. Just looking at the layout it looks like it would play well too, well done!
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    Happy to see you posted this fine piece of map on Forgehub brother!
  3. eLantern

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    You should try getting this map to work with the Assault (Neutral Bomb) mode as I think it'd be interesting to see how it plays and if it plays well hopefully it could return to the BTB matchmaking playlist under that particular mode version. Plus, perhaps contemplate removing the Banshees.
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