4v4 Strongholds

Map Description

  1. Spirit in Black
    Epirus is an asymmetric arena map set on an Orbital Defense Platform. I wanted the aesthetics for this map to be reminiscent of Cairo Station from Halo 2.

    Gameplay wise, I was initially inspired by a map from Quake called Furious Heights. That map had a lot of great vertical engagements throughout, and I wanted to try to bring something like that into Halo, however, in the end, it ended up being closer to a more traditional Halo map.

    I designed this map with the Strongholds gametype in mind, which you'll undoubtedly see as some areas on the map were specifically designed to be a stronghold location.

    Through the middle of the map, you'll see a catwalk which serves as a position to hold the Blue Deck and Long Hall strongholds. In Junction, a raised platform will be the position of choice to hold Red Room and Blue Deck, and on the Red side of the map, there will be a raised walkway which you will hold Red Room and Long Hall from.

    The weapon set is as follows;

    - A Sniper Rifle spawns under the center catwalk (excluded in Assault)
    - A Rocket Launcher spawns in Junction (excluded in Strongholds)
    - 2 Battle Rifles, one near each team's spawn
    - 2 Boltshots, one in Junction, the other in Long Hall
    - 1 Brute Plasma Rifle spawns on the center catwalk

    I plan on updating the map regularly, as I feel there is a bit more work I can do to improve it.


  1. ravenking91

    ravenking91 Spartan II

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    Havent played it personally but i spectated the lobbies that did and it looks like it plays great. good job with the MAC gun, spot on.
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    INFINUT Iforge
    Forge Critic

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    Great idea
    I'll run it in my lobby
    Looks great
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  3. PharmaGangsta1

    PharmaGangsta1 Dr. Deathpit

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    Hey! Check it out, the Malta's fended off its boarders!
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