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  1. PUNISHER2510
    Survive the onslaught of the AC130 to earn points.

    Infected spawn in the AC130 and have a variety of different glitched weapon pads at their disposal.

    The survivors must try to evade the attacks for as long as possible.

    The walls on all of the buildings can be broken.

    The survivors also may use the weapons, turrets, and vehicles around the map to retaliate against the AC130.

    Infected can either chose to stay in the ship and wreak havoc from above or parachute out to attack from the ground.

    Infected can't bring the weapons from the weapon pad with them as they are blocked from a one way blocker.

    Survivors are equipped with a standard rocket launcher and a target marker DMR at the start of the round.

    Infected start with a standard energy sword, but may pick up weapons from the pads.

    Rounds will automatically end on the even number rounds to avoid the infection bug. This works for an unlimited number of rounds.

    The AC130 will glitch out of place sometimes if shot at to many times in rapid succession. This is usually caused by the infected if they keep accidentally hitting the inside of the ship. But it will fix itself once the round ends and infected still have the option of attacking from the ground.

    Also shout out to @ExTerrestr1al . I watched a couple of his tutorials to get the AC130 to work the way I wanted it to. I also used Halo Follower YT's prefab radio tower.

    Max Players:

    Death From Above
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