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  1. Behemoth
    Hey there guys, welcome (back) to Enclave. This is my 3rd build of my all time favorite map that I started back in Reach with Auburn, and it's back with a vengeance. Enclave is a remake of Jackbasket (Reach) and Cache (Halo 4) which has melded so well with H2A. <br />This time around, the map boasts a pretty gnarly setup for 3-Plots. At the initial spawn, each team has an opportunity to attack "A", the neutral plot, or they can split up to the plot nearest the spawn; "B" up high near Red/High Sender, and "C" back behind Blue/Bruteshot.<br />3-Plots plays in an interesting way, and seems to make players want to keep moving to get the drop on the other team. <br />When playing this map, there are 3 high traffic areas that you need to keep your wits about you in, or else you will fall into the "Embarrass-pits". There is also a lift in the middle which takes you straight to Sniper, and 2 1-Way teles that take you accross from the reciever.
    There is a better overview in the design tab which I hope describes everything a bit better.
    <br />Weapons: <br />Sniper Rifle: does not spawn at start: 2 mins.: 1 extra mag<br />Bruteshot: does not spawn at start: 90secs: 0 extra mags<br />Overshield: does not spawn at start: 90 secs.<br />Battle Rifle: 2<br />Carbine: 2<br />Plasma Pistol: 1<br />Silenced SMG's: 2: 1 extra mag<br />Assault Rifle: 2<br />Grenades: 3 of each
    <br />
    Thanks for checking it out, and be sure to tell me about what you think!
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    I've played on this map many times! Each game has been action packed and a load of fun! Definitely one of the best 2v2 objective maps I've played! Nice job on this bro!
  2. Blaze

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    Played a few 1v1s on here with you, really looking forward to some with higher player count matches and KOTH. Love all the tac jumps. Keeping it up man.
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    Thanks bud, I'll get you on here again soon with some Territoriez as well ;)

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