6v6 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Skyward Shoe
    Embark is a 12 to 16 player Big Team Battle map set in the hilly streets of San Francisco. The map has an asymmetric layout while providing advantage to both teams, allowing both one sided and symmetrical game modes to be played. Embark Features 2 Warthogs, Ghosts, and Mongooses for each team, alongside an assortment of power weapons listed below.
    Embark is a re-imagination of my map Embarcadero in Reach. The maps have a very similar street layout, but Embark features many more infantry friendly areas in the forms of buildings and outposts so that the vehicles cannot dominate the gameplay. Both maps are based loosely on the city of San Francisco in California, which is one of my favorite cities in the US and which has inspired much of my work.

Recent Reviews

  1. This map, I've played on several times and I've got to say that is a Damn impressive. When I first played this with CTF I fell in love with it immediately. Line of sights are broken, the theme of the map is superb, and if you are to grab the flag it isn't a straight shot to capture. You literately have to fight every step, from there base to yours, to capture. Even though the vehicles are under powered on this map it is still a great tactic to use them to defend at your base. I highly recommend downloading this and playing competitively with your friends on it. (Is this the one with the secret Smeef on it?)
  2. Psychoduck Psychoduck
    New Barky (for that is what this map shall be called) is a fantastic map which is a significant improvement upon the original. The height variation on the map combined with the intricate buildings and well-engineered sightlines makes this a very exciting map to play. It really captures the essence of good BTB gameplay, with lots of great vehicle action to be had but excellent infantry encounters as well. The weapon placement and vehicle set complement the map very nicely, and the objective placement is great. This map is the best for One Flag in Halo 4, even though the game mode itself still feels a bit flawed in this game. Finally, the map executes its theme extremely well, hearkening back to the original and creating a unique and believable atmosphere.

    I think I would actually call Fuggedaboudit! a better map than this in some ways, but the atmosphere of this map is hard to beat. It's just a shame that asymmetrical maps get the short end of the stick in Halo 4.


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