3v3 Slayer

Map Description

  1. FRED lllll
    When up here, I never understood just how beautiful rubble could be....
    2 - 8 players ( 4 - 6 is recommended ).

    I hope you like FFA... Because its back, with a new coat of paint.

    I will ask all of you one thing, please test this map with an open mind. I know all of my maps are experimental and are not perfect, but I hope you can find joy in this map, as much as I have when I play a few matches on it.

    The map was built for team doubles or Standard Halo 5 slayer ( 6 players ). The map is built in a fortress that is under construction and is currently under repairs. The map will open up the more you look at, and the more you use halo 5's movement system. The goal of this map was to make a map that looks nice and tries something fresh when it comes to halo 5's sandbox in a FFA setting. I personally feel it has accomplished this ( despite it's imperfections )

    This map is a micro version of my map Ascendance ( by design philosphy ) and has the same level of insane trick jumps with far less parkour involved in the level. This map embodies more of a "Blackout" or "Guardian" style in comparison to my other maps and is built with every intention of fast paced small lobbies just having a good time.

    Overall I hope you enjoy the map, and even if you have never tried my maps, or have and hated them, give this one a shot. It is a different map and I hope you go into it with an open mind. Please review this map honestly and tell me what mode you played this on! thanks!

    -FRED lllll

    Weapon List:
    - BR * 1
    - DMR * 1
    - Gunfighter Magnums * 3
    - Shotgun * 1
    - Speed Boost * 1
    - Carbine * 1
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