4v4 King of the Hill

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Elephant was built as a multi-team action sack map it's capable of handling the four major teams with four players each for hectic gametypes. Players can play any gametype as long as it runs on the base Multi-team games.

    Anything from King of the Hill, Juggernaut, Assault, Griffball, Capture the Flag, and even Infection!
    I plan to eventually add more gametypes if this map ends up being popular enough to justify updates on that scale.


    -King of the Hill
    -Capture the Flag

    In order to download this, I believe you're going to have to go with the old method over the new one that was introduced a while back.
    Just to recap

    Go open your roster click on your profile, then click on find player, search my Gamertag (Cardnal) and click on Fileshare!
    And you got it!!

    Fix Log 1.1
    -Changed Wrecked Warthog to Shade Turret.


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