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  1. Squally DaBeanz

    By Squally DaBeanz

    "Many colonial facilities doubled as UNSC forward operating bases during the height of the war with the Covenant."

    Echelon is a small asymmetrical 4v4 map set alongside a dam inside of a canyon. The map consists of a high side and a low side on the exterior, with various rooms and connections in the interior. A sniper can be found on the cargo elevator close to the high side exterior. A grenade launcher can be found behind the Pelican on the landing pad on the low side exterior. The active camo can be found on an elevated ledge near the center of the map. Stronghold locations are on the upper deck near Red spawn, inside the bunker near Blue spawn, and next to the Pelican on the landing pad.

    The map has gone through several changes for HCS play. Many of these changes have been reflected in the baseline version.

    -Oddball support has been added.
    -Pelican position has been tweaked slightly.
    -Pelican Platform has been lowered by eight world units.
    -Crates and elevated platform near the pelican have been changed to open sightlines through the area.
    -Small curved wall added near the pelican for grenade bounces.
    -The door leading into the underpass from bottom mid has been opened.
    -The window above underpass is more accessible from the interior.
    -Crate clutter has been lessened.
    -Lift mechanics have been made more consistent and clamber support has been added.
    -The piston moving up and down will no longer kill players caught in it. The openings on the piston casing have been made taller, and players will now be forced out when the piston rises.
    -A central column has been added to the piston.
    -Red spawn geometry has been adjusted slightly.
    -Map lighting has been adjusted.
    -Various broken clambers and other bugs have been fixed.
    -Spawns have been adjusted.
    -Weapon layout has been tweaked slightly.
    -Slight geometry and visual changes have been made to mirror the HCS version (without sacrificing as much as that version to maintain original art).
    -Original three stage activation easter egg has been changed.

    Download the HCS variant: DaBeanz#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_Squally DaBeanz_aaf1f64a-4043-4306-af1b-45a6699e781b

Recent Reviews

  1. You work is always Stellar! Many of your maps belong in the MP playlists and this one is one of the most deserving by far!


  1. SgtSlaphead

    SgtSlaphead Talented
    Forge Critic Senior Member

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    This is looking pretty awesome. Great job on this! I wonder if it would be cool to have the Grenade Launcher spawn inside the pelican. The dead-end would make it a tad riskier to pick up. Just a small thought but otherwise really nice map.
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  2. GrayishPoppy210

    GrayishPoppy210 Spartan II

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    Stigma 2.0? Just kidding. This looks awesome. Good job.
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  3. WAR

    WAR Cartographer
    The Creator Forge Critic

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    Hey you finally finished and posted this map! I remember this being built in almost every Halo since I've known you :) This version is stellar though so I'm glad you kept at it! I wouldn't be surprised if this map gets featured. I think Echelon and Fracture are your best work to date, sorry Stigma. Great job Squally!
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  4. CommanderColson

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    dont be that guy
  5. GrayishPoppy210

    GrayishPoppy210 Spartan II

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    Sorry. I did say I was joking and the map really is great.
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  6. Pat Sounds

    Pat Sounds Spartan II
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    I'm not one to pop up on feedback threads often, but I have to say I've played this map several times and enjoyed it quite a bit each time. Probably my favorite map from mr Beanz, for what that's worth.
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  7. D4rk

    D4rk Spartan II
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    Yeah, it is a great map! I have played this a few times.
  8. Squally DaBeanz

    343 Industries Forge Critic

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    Squally DaBeanz updated Echelon with a new update entry:

    HCS Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...

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