Duck Hunt Run


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  1. JonesSeries
    Duck Hunt Run or Duck Run to some of you, has been designed and rebuilt for matchmaking. Taking the Duck Hunt that you all have come to love with a much-needed polish. Few rules have changed....
    • Ducks will have unlimited lives
    • Up to three hunters at once, two hunters max in matchmaking.
    • Ducks will have 3 minutes to kill all the hunters
    • With time, every 50 seconds the bottom (lowest) floor will shut down. allowing ducks to spawn closer to the top.
    • Once the ducks reach the end of the 4th floor, the hunters will be given a fun gift.
    • Just making it to the end does not mean you win, the hunters will have the chance to fight back.

    Duck Hunt Run has been re-built from a blank canvas, allowing for a clean and constant experience.

    Every 50 seconds a new floor will shut down, changing the ducks spawn to the floor above it. The floor will light up Orange as a warning and then red, killing the player after a few seconds

    8 Player Max Gametype

    16 Player Max Gametype
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  1. Murloc

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    If Sub 2 Pewd isn't on the map I am afraid I will have to stick with the old duck hunts.
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    Does this count as a leak
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