Drag Race: Orbital Drift


Map Description

  1. OPG StingRay17
    Long awaited sequel of Drag Race has now surfaced and many new obstacles and pathways are seeking only the toughest racers. Team up with a buddy and begin mowing down other competeters as they fight to make it to the end of the course. If you think you have what it takes then get ready for some high speed anarchy as all players spawn with random weapons, super fiesta style!

    >>The original drag race game type I designed is compatible with this map

    This time around I've focused more on aesthetics and a little teaxturing on the canvas to improve for future maps.

    I've also updated my first drag race that had some old scripting issues so feel free to check it out



    >>For those who are unfamiliar with drag race: players will seperate into teams of two and race in a drag race designed course for multiple rounds that end quickly. All players spawn with random weapons and one life.


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