Dr. Tim's Picnic


Map Description

  1. Lost Pinecone
    Something feels off about this picnic...

    Dr. Tim's Picnic is a puzzle and parkour map for 1 to 4 players. It will also be the final Dr. Tim map for Halo 5.

    Thanks for all the support from puzzle map fans as well as the forgehub community, back when I made Dr. Tim's Time Machine I never would of thought it would last this long haha. But here we are, the 7th Dr. Tim map. Enjoy!

    Special thanks to DEATH WEAPONxx and as always, thanks to all the testers.


    Step A

    Stand on the pig statue in the corner to respawn the pig, then shoot the pig's tail. Next interact with the pillow to go to sleep. You'll need to hit the sheep over the fence 15 times to continue.

    Drop Pod Puzzle

    For each side, make the back 2 spikes blue and the front 2 spikes red so that both middle spikes turn purple.

    Inside the Basket

    1:climb on top of the soda cans and open one of them to launch yourself up.

    2: interact with the loop sticking out of the horizontal can.

    3: Pick up the signant at the bottom of the boombox handle then use it to shoot it down the crazy straw.

    4: Grab the void's tear from the bag of chips and interact with the back of the flashlight, use the Tear on the batteries to move them.

    5: Climb onto the boombox and turn it on to open the can in front of it.

    6: Jump from the boombox's antenna to the log, then onto the hinge.

    Be sure to interact with the pile of 6 blue dots once u get them all.

    Step B

    Jump onto the stump then throw a grenade into the trashcan. Then follow the rainbow. In the cloud, pick up the hammer then use it on the nail/spike. When finished, go to sleep to get to night time and interact with the green plant. Complete the 3 challenges by walking into the blooms.


    Deactivate the 2 orange beacons then use the rainbow to climb onto the boss' head. Inside, shoot an explossive across from red door. Inside the red door, complete the color wheel.


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    Dr. Tim is back!
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  2. thecomet25

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    The left hand last jump at the boss is crazy! I can't get it. I've struggled on many of your jumps, but never this hard. Any advice? What am I missing

    EDIT: Man it can be done, but it's insane. The next jump to get up to the boss is also crazy. It helps to use Void's Tear and have a friend shoot it to pull you towards the ledge. Cheating probably but effective.

    Squid, love your maps. Can't wait to see what Halo 6 brings
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