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  1. Talon Wolfy
    With the release of both Halo Infinite and the MCC Customs Browser on the horizon - and therefore, what could be the fundamental "end" of Halo 5's already thinning population - I've decided to finally share my best Halo 5 maps here on ForgeHub. Better late than never, I suppose.


    Downpour is a remake of my favorite 4v4 map from Halo CE, Chill Out.

    While the map is also known as Cold Storage in Halo 3, Downpour was directly based on Chill Out - literally.

    By it's design, Downpour IS Chill Out; only, ruined and destroyed after all these years. We knew this map as the shiny, purple hydro facility in Combat Evolved. But now, in 2557, nature and rust has taken hold of the facility, leaving behind a shell of it's former glory.

    Teleporters are seen sparking and out of order. The ceiling is almost entirely gone, leaving room for the fog and rain to invite itself in. Plant life has grown just about everywhere, as pipes burst and fall out of rusted walls.

    Though, the debris and decay makes for plenty new spaces for Spartan IVs to clamber and jump from. There's also a wall to be broken through, reveling an all new vantage point that fits in perfectly with the map's original flow.


    SHOCKINGLY, this map's core design plays AMAZING with the Reach Grenade Launcher and Scattershot, as if the map itself was built for them since the very beginning!! Those two, alongside the CE Magnum, are featured as the map's main power weapons. Paired with a varied balance of new and old weapons, this map takes close-quarters battle to the extremes!

    (I *considered* adding even more to the map itself, making this properly fit for CTF and other modes. But really, I think that idea is better left saved for my eventual remake in Halo Infinite.)
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