4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Talon Wolfy
    "You want more space? Have your open space!"
    - in-game description.



    Please consult the file share system in MCC for a proper download.

    1. Pull up the roster in the main menu of MCC (“X” Button for Xbox)
    2. Click on your name
    3. Go to “Find Player”
    4. Type in my Gamertag: TalonWolfy17
    5. Go to “File Share”
    6. Go to “Map Variants”
    7. Download the map “Caturix"
    8: No, don't download Caturix. Download "Downfall". But you should probably download Caturix anyways, cuz it's likely a better map than this.


    A last-minute """joke submission""" that I unironically hope does well enough, for the Forge The Fight contest. Didn't have a chance to test it, so I guess it will be up to the judges really.
    But I will die laughing if this map makes it into matchmaking.

    A lot of my old CE mods were more along the lines of Cursed Halo, in that way of "What... WHY!?", so I figured it would be fun to make a quick map that would confuse people while actually playing like an ok map at the same time.

    In this map that totally took a long time thinking to make, over the course of maybe 1 hour: is yet another variant of Caturix and Session. (Yes, seriously)

    This time around: the map is emptier than my faith in humanity, almost as dark as my sense of humor, and has almost enough space to fit ** *******'* ***** ****! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    WHat? Yes, I did go back and make adjustments to my other maps. But still, my biggest complaint was that the whole thing felt cramped. Now hopefully we can all have enough space to use our big-brain halo strategies.

    This variant has almost nothing to do with the lore of the other two, but I'm assuming it's just somewhere deep in that void pit seen in the cartographer mission. I've been down there with invincibility hacks, and there was just a whole lot of nothing.

    In this frick-tacular map, you may be excited to find:
    - Two BR towers and bases
    - Standard CTF setups
    - a tasty rocket launcher
    - friendly fusion coils
    - Dang warthogs
    - Two shade turrets, because nobody asked
    _ Auto turrets, aka my precious beans
    - Zero hecks to give
    - A hidden street cone if you look hard enough (just kidding, there is no street cone. ...-unless??)
    - My favorite forklift named Jim
    - A frankly familiar weapon set
    - Stone blocks
    - Plenty of sarcasm
    - A shadow demon who hides in the corner, who must be fed bacon but only on wednesdays
    - Maybe a solid map if the idea works
    - The terrifying realization that maybe Caturix and Session are just smaller versions of Standoff, everyone's favorite stalemate ctf map.
    - seriously, I really hope it plays well because I don't know. ;-;



    Q: Are you even trying anymore?
    A: No.

    Q: It's all Caturix!?
    A: Always has been.

    Q: Why are there forklifts?
    A: Destructible cover.

    Q: why the sfx?
    A: felt like it.

    Q: Have the issues with the towers been fixed?
    A: Possibly.

    Q: Do you need a hug?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Is there really a street cone on the map?
    A: If there is, you'll have to go find it.


    Map named after the song "Downfall" by From Ashes To New, because that's basically where I'm at in life.
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