Don't Drop


Map Description

  1. TimotheosFraser
    Don't Fall is my very first forged parkour map, filled with slides, grav lift launches, and easy jumps (no crouch jumping). Your objective is to reach the skull high above, and hold it. By the slim chance that you miss your mark, 5 sender node teleporters are spread across the map floor to return you back to the starting point. There are no checkpoints.

    For those who want to get technical or competitive, try locating the shortcut hidden up high. It will allow you to skip a lengthy portion of the map.

    Have fun, get jumping, and DON'T DROP!

    Map download links for the MCC are currently not possible. Select "Find Player" located in the top right roster, and search for "TimotheosFraser" Both the map and custom gametype are located in my FileShare.
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