5v5 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Hairy Mcclairy
    190418 contest grace period edit: added two invisible blockers to improve performance

    Fight through The Dominus, an Imperial Star Destroyer, as The Rebels try to take the vessel.

    Husky Raid map set inside an imperial star destroyer while it is engaged in a space battle.


  1. #TeamArbiter

    #TeamArbiter Spartan II

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    Stop man, you're gonna get Halo 5 Copy right striked! Joke aside, this map looks great and strait outta battlefront 2 with the details!
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  2. Hitbox Unknown

    Hitbox Unknown Spartan III

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    Nice atmosphere! I loved the firing turrets. I may or may not use that trick for future projects ;)
  3. WAR

    WAR Cartographer
    The Creator Forge Critic

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    This map was one of our top 10 considerations in the recent Husky Raid Contest. All of the judges have their own opinions on each map; however, I wanted to personally share my own with you in case it would be helpful or constructive. If there are any negatives please remind yourself that we needed to heavily scrutinize in order to process our eliminations to a 1st place winner. Congrats on your 2nd place victory!

    Overall Impressions:
    - Extremely well executed theme of interior spaceship hallway. Clean and precise object usage with well defined structures. I love the triangular windows and the pipes on the ceiling.
    - Equal distribution of detail and art provided on all areas of the level.
    - Amazing skybox art with firing cannons to a distant mothership.
    - Cohesive color pallet and lighting choices

    Technical Issues:
    - Very minor lighting issue where a single block above the doorway located at each base is a different color from the adjacent blocks.

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