Dock Dwellers


Map Description

  1. TimotheosFraser
    Dock Dwellers is a simple Elimination Slayer gametype with a spooky twist. You'll have to trudge and creep through high waters which you can, in fact, crouch beneath the surface of. It'll be hard to see other payers, so mind the splashes near you.

    Everyone has Maulers, good camo, and a limiting 3 lives to work with. To avoid spawn killing, players will be invulnerable for a few short seconds. Be the last man standing to win!

    And if something bumps your leg...say your prayers.
    The DOCK DWELLERS know you're there.

    Map download links for the MCC are currently not possible. Select "Find Player" located in the top right roster, and search for "TimotheosFraser" Both the map and custom gametype are located in my FileShare.
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