Dobson Mall

2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Built to look like part of a mall, this small 2v2 map holds what I like to call 4 rooms, each a corner of the map and a 5th which holds the power weapon of the map.
    Meant for 2v2 this map is perfect for the crazed action of 8 player action sack gametypes however, for regular slayer it's recommended you play with no more than four players be it free-for-all or team doubles.

    This map is square in structure with an outdoor section to the north, this section of the map has two entrances/exits for the area with plenty of mobility offered for combat if action is found in this zone of the map, one of the entrances must be made by players with the rocket launcher or mere brute force!
    The east section of the map is the dining hall, with plenty of cover and in such plenty to get in your way or your enemies! with plenty of ways up and down from this area of the map, you'll find plenty of fun combat opportunities here!
    The south side holds an upper ridge which can be reached via a grav lift accessed from the dining hall, or a staircase from the west section of the map (we'll get to that in a minute) the south side also holds one side of the teleporter this map holds. with plenty of ways up to the ridgeside, say from the middle section via a climbing wall, this area is far from capable of holding any one player above the rest for very long!
    The west side of the map has a wall with a breakable door which can add a temporary second method of mobility for this side of the map, on the side opposite the ridge players will find an H2 Battle Rifle, and a staircase leading the player to the North-West section of the map lovingly called the spiral staircase where players can find a Hydra Launcher, as well as multiple ways down to the bottom floor of the map as well as an aforementioned exit/entrance to the outside section.
    The mid-section of the map houses the Rocket Launcher in a circular structure while offering several ways to enter and leave the area including a bridge that leads directly to the south side of the map, under the map players will find the overshield bringing our map full circle!

    To download
    Go into Halo 5 and search my Gamertag when searching for maps, it should be the most recent map made!


    -FFA Slayer
    -CTF (Mult-team recommended)


    Version 1.7 Changelog
    -Fixed a Killzone issue resulting in cage fights at the bottom of the map.
    -fixed some other minor things.


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