DoA: Xtreme Pool Trun

4v4 Custom

Map Description

  1. Rap-Stu
    DoA: Xtreme Pool Trun


    The goal of this mini-game is to push all Spartans of the enemy team into the water, or to kill them with Beat Downs and Assassination before their team mates can respawn.

    You need to always keep moving, because all the floor pieces outside the player spawn area will disappear for a while, after you step on them.

    There are 8 two-way teleporters on the map, which let you teleport straight to the opposite side, facing each teleporter.

    Starting Equipment:

    - The Vorpal Talon
    for slow hitting long range attacks

    - The Ravening Sliver
    for fast hitting short range attacks

    - 6 Splinter Grenades
    to knockback enemies into the water

    Power Weapons:

    - Beam Rifle Delta
    Fast shooting small black holes

    - Void's Tear
    Slow shooting big black holes

    They are alternatingly spawning every 20 seconds on the big block in the middle of the map, which itself spawns 10 seconds after a round starts. The center block also shortly despawns after somebody stepped on it and then respawns after 10 seconds.

    Power Ups:

    4x Speed Boost - Level 3

    Spawning 15 Seconds after a round starts
    Respawn Time: 15 Seconds

    You can stack up to 4 of them, to get insanely fast, which enables you to leave even longer pool traces behind you.

    Game Mode Rules:

    - Rounds last 2 minutes
    - Your team needs to survive the other team in 5 rounds to win the game
    - You can tie up to 3 rounds

    Short Game Mode Descrption:

    - Jump and run to stay alive! Every step deletes the safe floor!

    - Exterminate the enemy team to win rounds.

    - Play
    red vs. blue, max. 8v8.

    All necessary information is in the attached picture, which you can also find as a cover for the Map and Game Mode.

    Huge thanks and credits go to the creators of the infamous Extermination script, which I was able to use, to improve this mini-game.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, then please let me know in the comments.
    Thanks in advance for any constructive feedback and for checking this out.


    My Gamertag: Roughsta

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