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  1. TimeDipper
    Dispelled - Big Team Battle Refresh (2019)

    Hi Halo Community,

    This has been an update long overdue! Both the map and this post. In fact, almost 2.5 years after the original map went into matchmaking. In May 2019 we had the biggest Big Team Battle Refresh in Halo 5 that the playlist has ever had, and with it Dispelled also received the beautification treatment to align with the current visual and performance expectations of Forge maps. While mostly rebuilt, the highlights and most notable changes are the following:

    - The canvas has been ported to from the Parallax to Tidal, apparently one of the teams didn't appreciate the sun glare blinding their eyes.
    - The Wasps have been swatted, and each base has welcomed a Banshee.
    - Warthogs have been upgraded to Rocket Warthogs and Mongoose can be found by the Railguns ... you could almost consider them Baby-Gausshogs.
    - Pathing has been reworked to improve flow between the inner and outer routes. This also allows you to take longer and more smooth road-trips to the enemy base rather than head first into a tank.
    - Snipers have left the game.
    - SPNKR Rocket Launchers have joined the game.

    The map has been live in the BTB playlist since May 2019 and I hope you have had the chance to try it out. Thanks to everyone that participated in the many play-tests and joined me on my map to tell me what I did wrong, you're the best!

    Until next time.

    Dispelled - Original (2016)

    Original Link: Download

    Dispelled is a BTB map built from the ground up for the 'Meet Your Maker' Competition. The map is designed for BTB Slayer and BTB CTF with Assault Rifle & Magnum Starts. The map also supports BTB Stronghold and BTB Assault.

    *** Check out my new Trailer! ***

    Dispelled is inspired by the multiplayer map Timberland [Halo CE] and the 'Halo' Campaign Mission [Halo CE]. Both these inspirations share common themes which I used as the building blocks for my map such as scale, discovery and vehicular gameplay.

    The goal with Dispelled was to make a Big Team Battle map that had a variety of vehicles such as heavy, light, and team vehicles. What I managed to create was map that has all of these vehicles and keeps a fair balance to ensure no vehicle feels too powerful and infantry game play was not at a disadvantage.

    Dispelled contains the following vehicles, 1 of each type per team:

    2x Scorpion Tank
    2x Wasp
    2x Warthog
    2x Ghost
    2x Gungoose

    The weapon set for the map was also carefully picked and tweaked to ensure that the firepower was available to take care of heavier vehicles such as tanks and warthogs but at the same time light vehicles such as Wasps were not too easily blown out of the sky in seconds. Once more, I wanted to guarantee a fair and balanced experience. For instance, only one weapon [Hydra] will lock on to the Wasp and that weapon is located in a high risk area located in the vehicle tunnel.

    Dispelled contains the following weapons set:

    1x Incineration Cannon
    1x Plasma Caster
    2x Sniper
    1x Hydra
    2x Battle Rifle

    3x Battle Rifle [H2]
    1x Carbine
    1x Light Rifle
    2x SMG
    2x Needler
    1x Plasma Rifle
    1x Storm Rifle
    1x Suppressor
    2x H1 Magnum
    2x Plasma Pistol
    1x Gravity Hammer

    4x Frag Grenades
    4x Splinter Grenades
    8x Plasma Grenades

    ---Power Ups---
    2x Overshield

    Dispelled has been my most ambitious project yet, taking roughly 200 hours to complete. I wanted to make a map that had Matchmaking potential, offered a different experience with each play and was just plain fun. I went through numerous iterations of the map to make more positive changes such as the home base which went from a simple Blood Gulch style base on a hill to a 3-level home base built inside the hill with a vehicle garage, wasp hanger, and safe respawn locations. While it might sound big, it has a very simplistic design and is easy to navigate. Rework was also done to the original design to reduce the maps original scale, and the neutral bases were completely redesigned to remove that seclusion when players entered a building.

    I learned a lot about level design with this map, and am super happy with how Dispelled turned out. I have had great fun making this map, and hearing the reaction and laughter of the lobbies while playing Dispelled has been priceless. Sure there have been hard times during this experience but the positive feedback I have received greatly outweighs the bad.

    I hope you will enjoy this map as much as I have been making it. I highly encourage you to give Dispelled a try and share your experience in the comment section below! It would mean a lot to me, and help me become better as a Forger.

    Thanks to all the Testing Lobbies which gave me the required man power for testing my map. A very special thanks to D4rkDeath and weeeeemann from ForgeFactory for providing me with valuable feedback, thanks to you this map went from great to amazing! Last but not least, thank you to YOU, the reader, for checking out my map!

Recent Reviews

  1. WAR WAR
    I think you did a commendable job for rescaling the map however I still think its larger than needed. I think this is the best map that made it in for the BTB refresh last month. Gameplay has significantly improved because of the changes you made from the feedback provided. I really like the passage through the middle as it provides more routes for infantry. This is a very vehicle centric map, so its important to reach a balance between the two. Overall very solid layout and one of the most enjoyable experiences in the playlist.
  2. This map is one of the most Bungie-Era feeling maps I have had the pleasure to play on. Dispelled has a very Halo CE BTB feel to it as the forerunner structures are large and well-pronounced giving an epic feel overall. Additionally the addition of having cave routes into the middle tunnel that once was the spawn for the Gausshog enables better flow and infantry interactivity around the map to keep the distance from the strong helping of vehicles on the map. The elevated structures that are lined along perimeter of the map allow for infantry to get around to avoid tanks and the occasional hog and have concentrated player vs. player combat while vehicles duke it out in the inner circle road that lies below. This map is also one of the few maps that really gets wasp vs. scorpion gameplay right. By deciding to not include stronger air vehicles such as the banshee and phaeton the balance of air against land vehicle feels great and feels right at home for my personal take of how a matchmaking level arena should play. 10/10 would play again
    -DC Valorstrike
  3. TWiseM TWiseM
    This is a great map, I love the classic forerunner architecture, especially in the center. At first I wasn't really all to enthusiastic about the vehicle combat on this map. But I soon began enjoying getting chased around by a wasp or driving a warthog around the corner and get scared half to death by a tank. Using the sniper on this map can be a great advantage as well as a liability. Its not too overpowered because there is a significant amount of cover. While some players may tend to get in the "zone" while sniping it leaves plenty of opportunities for someone to take a side path and get a nice assassination on the marksman. I definitely enjoyed playing on this map and recommend giving it a download and playing it with your friends.
    Loved playing on this map. The aesthetics give this great inclusive feel to the map and at the same time look amazing. As for the gameplay it is incredibly well balanced between vehicles and infantry. At first I thought the wasp would be overpowered but there is plenty of cover and infantry routes. I also thought the tank would be destroyed instantly, but it fits really well in the map, not too overpowered but it can hold it's own. All in all a great map, well worth the download and hope it makes it into matchmaking!