4v4 King of the Hill

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  1. VeryHyped
    Disarray is a map new-comers can hop onto, have fun with, and get the jist of on the first go. But there are dozens of diversified shooting angles and easy-to-difficult jumps, making the accessible map a challenge to master.

    The minimal yet chaotic layout makes every fight that is not a 1v1 feel different and fresh. Endless grenade-bounce possibilities, mosh-pit opportunities (fighting for rockets), ways to coordinate forward-pressure, etc.

    For the most part Disarray is like Foundry, in that it's frequently 1st floor vs 2nd floor combat, without a fully realized 3rd floor anywhere on the map. But Disarray does have some intentional 3rd floor antics, and I balanced the 3rd floor to be a) fun to jump to and figure out, b) dangerous and situational in strategy, and c) not overpowered and frustrating.

    I've spent more time on this map than anything before, despite it being one of the simplest. Time spent is all in constantly adding, removing, and changing small details, to figure out what would give the map maximum replay value.

    King of the Hill works best on Disarray, because combat is more interesting when the dominating players are forced to fight from the ground floor. However, Slayer, Capture the Flag, and Oddball all work great as well. In fact, some of the map design is to improve Oddball; many parts of the map are "caulked" with phased walls, so the Oddball cannot be easily thrown out of bounds (essentially).

    As PC file share is not yet added, to get this map, click "Download Map" then download the file posted and drag it into the respective folder in your game files.

    For me it is:

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