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    *About the map*
    So here's how it works, all you have to do is hold out in the Diner untill the end of the round. The Diner is set in an American Desert near a crashed UFO and is armed with some basic weaponry and a couple of stations.


    Health Station-30 Second Respawn
    Since humans do not have regenerative shields, you will be needing these.

    Damage Boost station-45 Second Respawn
    Respawn a bit less often, but later on these are essential for standing a chance against the hoarde.

    Rebuild Station-30 Second Respawn
    No boards on the windows respawn, there will be times where you will be overwhelmed and you will need to use this.

    Mystery JukeBox-30 Second Respawn
    It can give you 1/15 different things, it will then slip out of reality until it comes back.

    *NOTE* Whenever an infected enters the Diner, the lights turn bright green and flash and a loud radioactive noise emits.

    Alpha Aliens- You are armed with a Brute Plasma Rifle, Sentinel Beam and 1 splinter grenade. You are also semi camouflaged for ambush abilities, you can also jump to clear the fence surrounding the Diner.

    Alien Minions- You are armed with a sentinel beam and a carbine. You may be weak but you do possess a precision weapon, like the Alphas, you can also jump to clear the fence surrounding the Diner.

    Humans- You start off with an Assault Rifle and an SMG with limited ammo. You must rely on the weapons on the wall in addition to the Mystery Jukebox that appears roughly every 30 seconds. The wall weapons respawn at different times depending on the power of said weapon.

    It is a rather straight forward map, we did the best we could to use the budget where it is needed (mostly in the diner), as much as we wanted to put bushes and whatnot in a higher frequency to make the desert look 100% like an American desert, the current forge budget does not support it, hopefully in the near future this is something we can do come Halo Infinite.


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