8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. Hairy Mcclairy
    During their occupation of The Ark, The Banished disfigured the forerunner installation as they siphoned its power and stripped it of materials.

    Trench based map for the game mode 'attrition'. Controlling the enemy hill uncontested rapidly increases the score, so make sure you keep a strong defense!

    Weapons spawn for your team as you score points.

    Carbine - 16 clips - 20 score
    Scale of Soirapt x2 - 50% energy - 50 score
    Beam Rifle - 50% energy - 50 score
    Blissful Slumber - 100% energy - 90 score
    Shotgun - 0 clips - 100 score
    Over Shield - 150 score
    Ad Victoriam - 170 score

    Both spawns feature 3 hard routes to defend the zone: A thematic shield door in the middle, and 2 scripted doors either side. They only allow the team who spawns there to travel through.

    Right in front of the forerunner structure is an elevated platform that provides a line of sight into the enemy's trenches as well as ample cover - but don't get too comfortable, if you spend too much time up there the Locust will kill you.


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