4v4 Breakout

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Digit was built for fun! The aesthetic is Laser Tag and old school shooter games, I went and had some fun with the design starting with the layout and adding in what looked cool for the feel I was going for, lasers, lights, and neon!

    The map is built with players spawning outside with a scripted running start where players jump into the stage kind of how you would walk through a big door for real laser tag, the map houses two floors with a bridge in the middle. All the weapons on the map are Forerunner to help with the laser look and feel of the map, a damage boost can be obtained on a ledge that's not hard to get to but takes time (risk/reward), the middle of the map houses both power weapons with the Binary Rifle spawn in the middle of the bridge up top, and the Inceration Cannon in the bottom section of the map on a weapon pad, this is done so that everyone knows where it is until it's grabbed, that way you know if it's in play or not.

    This map was built with Breakout in mind however, I did make a custom gametype for it called Laser Tag (I'm pretty sure something already exists with that name, but this one is different I'm pretty sure) the map itself functions perfectly with Slayer, Breakout, Strongholds, and Oddball.
    Blue and Red teams are the only teams on the map due to limitations however, you can have 16-player games with both teams for pure mayhem.


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