Dig to China


Map Description

  1. G0ose
    An original Halo 3 classic, dig to China has been recreated in H5. Includes five diverse and equally challenging stages. Bringing back ideas from the original dig to China in unique way. The map starts off in a deep underground facility that has been infected by flood combat forms and spores. You and your fellow survivors must escape the flood infestation through multiple stages by using your gravity hammers and protecting yourselves from your infected teammates with your shotgun. Once you reach the end you must hold off until the evacuation process. As a survivor you must tunnel through the earth with your hammers to find the armory while fending off infected with your shotgun. You will spawn in the infested zone facing the alpha flood form. Do not waste any time and be prepared.
    As the alpha, your main goal is to infect all the remaining survivors and bend their will to your cause. You are invulnerable but at a cost, your movement is deducted but make use of your hammer to push towards your prey.
    This is our first published map. Thank you for downloading it and if there are any problems with the map, please let us know. We will be more than happy to edit any disliked features. Thank you. (Don't forget to download the game type with it as well)


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