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  1. Butch Tucker
    Zombies start off in the main level of sandbox, initially only able to drop down the tube into the middle of the map. Objects will spawn over time which change the way the zombies can get around the map, letting them teleport to a random spot or jump down off a high platform. Alpha zombies are slightly stronger and faster than the infected, and all zombies jump higher than survivors, letting them move around very effectively.

    Survivors start out separated in this underground city, they must scavenge for weapons and ammo to put up a fight. Explore the city and find a spot to hold out, or hide. Most importantly, stick together. Ammo is limited, but fairly spread throughout the map.

    Nothing on the map will respawn, this includes weapons, vehicles, and props. There are the ODST Supressed SMG and pistol available for pickup by survivors, as well as non-weaponized vehicles to drive.

    I haven't playtested with more than maybe 6-8 players, as much as I would have liked to. At this point I'm just waiting on the customs browser. As far as balancing goes, I feel like who wins is very favored to whichever team has a stronger start. If the zombies don't get a couple infections in the first couple minutes, they might have a bad time. If the zombies get a quick stab or two off the bat, they can roll pretty hard too. I suppose that's partly just infection, too. I don't plan on changing anything until the customs browser can help me identify flaws. That said, I finished this map 6 months before I posted it, so I don't know when I would actually upload an update.

    This map is named Depths 2.00 as 1.00 refers to a different map, which never got posted. It was a rougher map based on the same drop down the tube idea, but made without any thought or plan in advance. Maybe I'll post it in another 6 months, but it's not really "finished." So as far as I'm concerned, this map is Depths 2, on it's original .00 version.
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