2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Shiningdragon7X
    Deneb is an aesthetically beautiful 2v2 slayer map set inside a cavern filled with bioluminescent mushrooms. The area based on a fictional non canon sector of Sanghelios called the "mushroom woodlands", as seen on several of my other slayer or race maps. This one is specifically linked to the race map Altair, as both are named after stars in the Summer Triangle.

    The map itself divides into 2 sections that meet in the middle featuring a giant glowing mushroom serving as the main stronghold. Each side of the map has raised section housing a power weapon, with the sections underneath featuring small caves that house power up items. There are also smaller mushrooms that players can bounce on to reach higher areas of the map, such as to reach one of the power weapons.

    There are a few Sangheili and Covnenant touches and accents around the map, since it is based inside Sanghelios.

    I tried to make the map fairly balanced for competitive 2v2 gameplay, however the gravity energy sword should be replaced with a standard one if players want to go competitive. I recommend 2-4 players since the map is fairly small.
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