Delta Ruins

8v8 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Auggie Burr
    Bringing nostalgia to the table with my remake straight from the campaign of Halo 2! With unique areas presenting intense battles between infantry and vehicles, you're sure to have a blast.

    I had such a great time creating this remake. During the creation I had another monitor running Halo 2 next to halo 5 to get the pace count of the map and with a few added extras, I resurrected the iconic area into a big team battle experience.
    Heavily optimized to fit into the multiplayer scene of halo 5.
    I added routes and doors but kept the integrity of the area at the same time.

    I really can't say much else except I had a blast building and testing the map :)

    Text Update
    I've recently gotten a lot of feedback stating the map feels very blocky. My initial idea with the creation was to make it the closest to the original as possible so that you can really immerse yourself into the campaign from halo 2. I will most likely take side-by-side comparison photos soon to really show how alike it is to the original area.

    But on a side note, it is a big team map. And our object count is limited. On the event of us getting more objects in the pallet I will be consistently updating for a better look and feel.

    Weapons & Vehicles
    (2x) Ghost
    (2x) Shade Turret
    Gauss Hog
    (4x) Plasma Grenade
    (2x) Splinter Grenade
    (3x) Halo 2 Battle Rifle
    (2x) Needler
    (2x) Smg
    (2x) Plasma Pistol
    (2x) Storm Rifle
    (2x) Shotgun
    Rocket Launcher
    Beam Rifle

    Special Thanks go to:
    D3LTA V (Optimization)
    WyvernZu (Optimization)
    unsorted guy (Feedback & Map Feature)
    The Darkk Skull (Feedback)
    Forge Labs (Map Feature)

Recent Reviews

  1. LokiMK87 LokiMK87
    we need this map on Halo 5 playlists right now
  2. I enjoyed the gameplay overall. You have very fun and interesting encounters between the players and vehicles. All parts of the map were being used based on player movement and the movement of encounters. You have good locations to allow some risk vs reward not only on vehicles and weapons, but you also allowed positions, flanks, and movement to positions to be incorporated. Spawning on the map was nice, no "spawn kill". The rate of re-entering the battle was solid, I never felt too distant from spawn. Weapon placements were appropriate and made players move to specific locations to grab the weapon, then to move to another location to use. Although I still feel that "aesthetically" it could be worked on. It needs to feel more like you are in a "location". (Perhaps to involve the backgrounds from the mission itself?) As well that structuring still feels more "boxy" than not. Overall again, I enjoyed this BTB Map. Good work Eshkii!
  3. M1ke 98 M1ke 98
    Just tried this out and was surprised at how well this worked with Strongholds especially, although it worked just as well with slayer. Had more fun playing this than any of the other featured maps.
  4. alex quit alex quit
    I was surprised how well this H2 campaign map translated to H5, the map plays especially well with strongholds.
    A nice balance of claustrophobic and open areas that promote and reward different styles of play.

    I would like to see some callouts for those stronghold markers however, it will really help teams organize their efforts more efficiently.


  1. Anarchy Kane

    Anarchy Kane Spartan III

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  2. Robert Cosper

    Robert Cosper Heroic
    Senior Member

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    im wondering if it was a mistake but the map author says eshkiieshkii is that a secondary profile you have and brought it over or is it just a glitch, i ask because im wondering if they soft patched the author bug
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  3. JurassicWeeMan

    JurassicWeeMan Spartan III

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    Looks good, but could look way better if the map skybox settings/colors were changed. Currently, it looks a bit too much like a desert. Try setting the map skybox to "Overcast", and add in the distance fog with a little cyan or light blue, it'll make it look more lush, trust me. Otherwise, looks fun and I cant wait to play. Also, add CTF. I'm being a bit of a critic because I too am working on a remake area (from Regret, the mission after Delta Halo with the Gondolas), and those are my favorite missions/playable campaign locations of all time.
  4. Auggie Burr

    Auggie Burr Legendary
    Forge Critic Senior Member

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    It's just a glitch. It's done it on all my maps and I'm not sure why. It never did it until this latest patch.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 31, 2016 ---

    Ive been through many variations of settings for the map. The reason the map isnt overcast is because the lightmap in certain areas just doesnt look right and the colors dont shine like theyre suppose to.

    I also built it in that specific location in hopes of adding an update for the iconic building located in the middle of the lake outwards. Its in perfect position for that I just need to optimize a bit more.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 31, 2016 ---
    Also CTF is on the way soon!
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  5. JurassicWeeMan

    JurassicWeeMan Spartan III

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    Ok awesome, I hear ya! The map still looks great, and to be honest I will have to revisit that specific area in the campaign, as I do believe the buildings are rather tan like yours are. My in-progress map for Regret has a structure that is a reimagining of that triangular temple. It is way closer and is a playable area in my map, and is slightly different for gameplay purposes, but if you look at just the skeletal frame , it is quite accurate, I believe (essentially three big triangles). If you want to place a structure way out into the backdrop, you can build your structure inside the map boundary, then make it a group, then duplicate it while aiming way out into the backdrop, holding down the left throttle to push it out even farther. If you go too far out, however, it may get to a distance where you will not be able to retrieve it (i.e. it'll be permanent), so if you need it out as far as possible, make another save file before messing with that idea. Lights that go up into the sky can also be made, however, they disappear in the distance, unless you use the "sun" lense/light setting, which appears all the way across the map. Based on your forge map, I'd definitely say you're probably a more experienced forger than me, however I felt like throwing these tips out in case you or someone else could get some new ideas. I look forward to checking out your map with some friends soon.
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  6. SmoknBrlz64

    SmoknBrlz64 Spartan III

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    Fantastic job Eshkii. I will never question your authority on lighting again. I don't know how you did it, but it looks absolutely fantastic. The only suggestion I'd make is to change the natural elements if we get an additional grassy terrain pallet later down the road.
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  7. Auggie Burr

    Auggie Burr Legendary
    Forge Critic Senior Member

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    Will deff do that on further updates. I'm excited to see what the map will look like months down the road when we get new pallet pieces!
  8. M1ke 98

    M1ke 98 Spartan III

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    Kier you wanna see my gun? Great map btw but still, Kier? Wanna see it?
  9. Something CEsar

    Something CEsar Spartan III

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    It's weird how this part of delta halo is so popular to be remade. I remade this in reach a while ago because I really just liked the encounter. It was also remade as a custom map for H2 vista. I guess this area is just a well played multiplayer map. Good job though!
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