2v2 Slayer

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  1. Koma
    Based off New Alexandra's Ivory Tower and a hint of Reach's iconic Sword Base, Deflection brings a newbie 2v2 map. The map consists of a mix between close quarters and semi-long range.

    The map currently is still in its early stages, no cinematics have been placed, but weapons have been placed and hopefully balanced out.

    Big Thanks to ZombieDyer and Sgt x Slaphead for assisting me with their thoughts on the map and overall ideas to improve on!

    This is my first core map, somethings aren't perfect. However, as I continue to forge things, I hope to improve the decision making when creating maps.

    Note: May add a few improvements in the near future, I don't know yet.


  1. ARC1T3CTZ

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    Fun Map with a good layout .. good stuff
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