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  1. ArturBloodshot

    "The determination of the Banished can only be measured by the spilled blood under their footsteps."


    Defiant is an asymmetrical map for the new competitive Extermination gametype. I was amazed by the cool art direction from Halo Wars 2 Banished army, they really naded it with that savage look and colors, so I decided to recreate the red/silver atmosphere of this brute force to give birth my map.


    Studying the possible layouts and relying on my experience with competitive maps, I decided to create the map based just on what I got sketched on paper. I started with a symmetrical map that after several adjustments it ended as an asymmetrical design.
    I conceived the map to have platforms of different heights connected by corridors with the classic Covie style, with breathable darkness and metallic reflections. These pathways needed to be wide enough for spartan battles but also to mantain the sensation of the small scaled map. Lighting was an important task because is the factor that gives the ambience I wanted with this design, savage red everywhere! Bright enough to contrast the layout and doesn't end killing your retina.

    Layout sketch

    Sketchup 3D model


    The map plays as an asymmetrical map but the key positions and weapon placement give place to a symmetrical approach. While playing around the map you will notice the map was conceived in a way that every path leads to a three-way corridor, making a dynamic and fluent gameplay. Power weapons and Power-Ups were chosen to focus on balanced gameplay, giving players the opportunity to approach with plenty of strategies.

    Speed Boost x1
    White Scar (Plasma Caster) x1
    Brute Plasma Rifle (50%) x1
    SMG Hybrid x2
    BR x2
    Plasma Nade x2


    I want to thank my crew at Achievement Hunters, all my followers that joined my lobbies and the following special guys who shared their time to help me testing gameplay to get this map ready:

    -stheel spartan

    Hope everyone enjoys it and don't forget to bookmark it!
    Any feedback will be appreciated. AB out. :evil:
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