1. lily pad update

    I wanted to just post a little update to this map. I just fixed one of the biggest bugs/let downs in one of the patches for this game that ruined everything (scripting wise) a long time ago. Anyways here is some pictures/update.

    Both lily pads should no longer glitch out to have you pass through, making everyone/a lot of people die.

    -Lily pads now spawn underwater until Death picks a path
    -Once death has chosen a path, both lily pads will come up and everyone pick has to pick. (use...
  2. Death Run: Survivor - Anvil's Legacy Update

    Since the Content Browser arrived it changed a few thing along with gametypes and maps. Some objects have changed in size (vents) and I had to fix a couple of other things because I noticed the map was a lot more darker now. I will post all of the bullet points on the updates and changes I have made to the map, as well as a few extra little things I added. ;)
    - Reworked the vents in the fire trap because people got stuck when trying to go through.
    - Reworked the lighting on the runners side...
  3. Some more changes

    - Added color scripts to buttons to indicate it has been activated on interaction
    - Made some switches to some walls that glitch out
    - Fixed the end doors with the black chroma screen
    - Added some walls to block unnecessary things that is not suppose to be seen
    - Edited timing on fire traps from 10 Seconds to 5 as well as the timing on the smoke trap
    - AND added some pipes for the fire so it's not floating!
    Thanks again for all the love! 4,000+...
  4. Few Changes

    - fixed the second door that was not opening for Runners
    - Changed some light bakes
    - deleted some fire pits in order to fix the other fire pits that were not working originally
    - fixed lighting in the *grunt room*

    Thanks again. Keep the feedback coming!