1. Death Run: Survivor - Anvil's Legacy Update

    Since the Content Browser arrived it changed a few thing along with gametypes and maps. Some objects have changed in size (vents) and I had to fix a couple of other things because I noticed the map was a lot more darker now. I will post all of the bullet points on the updates and changes I have made to the map, as well as a few extra little things I added. ;)
    - Reworked the vents in the fire trap because people got stuck when trying to go through.
    - Reworked the lighting on the runners side to dynamic lighting
    - Made fire pits more bright with extra lighting
    - Fixed the disappearing platforms at the end to BOTH respawn
    - After pressing one button, the other button disappears, making Death only press ONE button at the END TRAP to avoid any glitches.
    - Added static and outro cameras

    Thanks again to everyone for supporting my deathrun map. I watch each and every video on youtube, and I love watching you guys die!
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