Death Race

Map Description

  1. KeeLoker
    (Download links don't work for MCC so just pull it off my file share)
    GT: KeeLoker
    Map Name: Death Race
    Gametype: Death Race
    So I made this racetrack a long time ago and it was mainly a way to try and have my friends rage as they tried to beat it. Since the H2A contest is going, I briefly considered participating myself until I happened upon this and lost all interest in participating..whoops. Even though it's a bit overdue, thought I'd might as well share this poorly made racetrack and see if it provides the challenge I was hoping it would give.
    Let me know if anyone is able to beat it. After playing it recently, my best time was about 3:37 and that was with a couple deaths so it is definitely beatable. Good luck!
    Also, beware of the minefield...
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