Deadly Shadows

2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Syndicate_001
    From the beginning, I knew I wanted to forge a follow-up to my original "Thief" inspired map which I had submitted to the Hub of the Dead contest a few months back. I already had some ideas in mind and absolutely could not wait to get started on this project. My goal was to have it finished by Halloween to provide everyone with something festive. Also, it had to have certain elements seen while playing any of the actual "Thief" games. The end result? An absolutely fantastic looking 2v2 that is a bit different from most standard 2v2's the community typically may see.
    Before I go into further detail, if you have yet to play on my first map of this series, be sure to give this one a bookmark. It primarily supports infection, as well as most core game modes.
    Based on feedback from my previous map, the main issue I wanted to address was map verticality. In Deadly Shadows, I made sure to incorporate plenty of level changes and height advantages, all while being able to traverse the map smoothly and quickly. Also, since my goal was to have this finished by Halloween, some things do have to be improved due to a shortage of time.
    There are a few different elements and parts to this map that I enjoy a ton. If I didn't incorporate a certain "Thief-like" aspect in my last map, I made sure to add it in this one! And so, what is Thief without stealth? Say no more there is active camo top mid. What about nifty escapes and great points of access? Acquire active camo then quickly flee on the zip-line, or climb the ladder to obtain a long range weapon! Also, both the Blood of Suban and White Scar on this map change up the gameplay by punishing teams for grouping too close. They also add new variety of color which is nice too (the glowing crystal shards look amazing inside the bottom mid tunnel). If winning or simply having fun is your thing, being sneaky is very rewarding on this map and the element of surprise is a game changer. To go with this, the one time use Bayonet BR and camo is a great combo to mess with the opponent. Overall, this is a great map to have fun gaming with friends or to even play competitively.
    Happy Halloween and Enjoy!

    *I will be updating this map soon, which will provide more detail, light map fixes, and possible balancing.


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