4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Daymare was my attempt to combine some aspects of my favorite maps from Halo:CE Mostly Prisoner-Multiple floors, and Damnation-Teleporter that leads from the bottom floor to the top floor.

    Daymare sees players spawning at multiple points of the three floors with the Red Team on the second floor and Blue Team on the third floor; The Shotgun sits on the top floor opposite the blue team and will take some time to reach making it a tad difficult to reach outright, while the Red team will have easier access to the Rocket Launcher to even out the Blue teams access to the Shotgun, while both teams will only be able to access an Overshield power-up in the middle of the map sits suspended in the mid-section waiting to be nabbed. When playing on CTF players will see Active Camo but will only be able to nab it at the highest level while the Overshield itself has been moved down to the ground level, as a slight mention players can find a number of explosives scattered throughout the map as well as grenades waiting to be plucked up, have fun!

    All teams can play on this map however due to the high object count it's recommended to keep lobbies as high as 8 players to keep things running smoothly. (Just because it can do 16 doesn't mean it should, but do send me videos of the mayhem that ensues if you do, I would love to see it.)

    1.1 Update
    -Simply added fog because I forgot to after making all the gametypes work
    -Updated Thumbnails to better match the change



    -Oddball (3 Balls Max)
    -CTF (Two Team and Nuetral)
    -Slayer (Multi-team and FFA)
    -Infection (Technically, all the spawns are there, but it's not built for it)