Dawn of the Banshee


Map Description

  1. HAYDN est1999
    My gamertag is: HAYDN est1999 and you can download this map from Halo 5's file browser using my gamertag as a search criteria.

    A spiritual successor to Night of the Mantis where you must defend your ship from random banshee waves. The game is balanced for 4 players but teams of 2 and 3 are welcome to try for an extra difficult challenge.

    You spawn in the pregame lobby where you have three options to adjust.

    Auto Wave:
    When this is enabled there is no downtime between waves and the game will continue automatically.
    Head Start: When this is enabled you start the game with 60 extra points.
    Cheap Ammo: When this is enabled ammo costs 5 points per weapon and when this is not enabled ammo costs 15 per refill.

    After you are happy with your settings push the "Go" button, this will reveal a teleport that places you in the map and you can begin.

    The Ammo Machine:
    Only one player is allowed in the machine at once. To buy ammo simply walk into the scanner on the right holding the weapon you wish to buy ammo for, then buy it from the vending machine on the left. (Because of a limitation of how Halo 5 handles weapons it is possible that the machine can fail to scan your gun, if this happens simply exit, wait a moment, then re-enter)

    The Upgrade Machine:
    Only one player is allowed in the machine at once. To upgrade a weapon first make sure that has at least some ammunition in it then enter the machine drop the gun you wish to upgrade into the box* by picking up the plasma pistol provided. The price of upgrading the weapon you drop will be displayed on the wall, you can then buy the upgrade from the vending machine on the right. (IMPORTANT: should you exit the machine at any point, any weapon in the machine, except the plasma pistol, will be deleted) *Detached Turrets are awkward and may require some fiddling to get in the box.

    Your ship has a shield system and when it is active it can take 2 hits from any attack. Should your shields be knocked out you will have to reset the shield generator (located at the the forward most part of the ship) and then buy back shields for 50 points. Shields can be bought at any time so long as they are down and the shield generator is ready. Shields will always last for 2 hits.

    If your shields are down and you take a hit a random part of the ship will break and need a repair, this will be marked with a nav marker. To repair something simply walk up to the marked location and interact this will fix the affected area and give you half a bar of health back.
    Engine Repairs:
    There are 2 possible damage states for engines: low; and high. For low damage it is the same as any other repair, however for high damage you will take an extra full bar of health damage and have to make an extra repair, this extra repair will give another half bar of health back when completed.
    Door Repairs:
    There are 4 doors throughout the ship that if the door system is damaged will close and lock. The way to open these doors again is to repair the door control system (located behind the wave start button) then interact with each door's respective switch to open it.

    The Armoury:
    Here you can buy all of the base weapons that the game has to offer, their price should reflect their killing potential. There is also a mystery box that can award any base or upgraded weapon as well as a few over-powered, limited use, death machines.

    This map took 2 months to make and I consider it my love letter to Halo 5. I believe I have pushed the limits of what is capable in this game and I am damn proud of it. Please enjoy and share around. :)

    Special thanks:
    MetricSp0on (Tester)
    L E E K (Tester)
    Saabo The Hun (Tester)
    an Orca Dork (Tester who broke everything)
    Julianoz1224 (I understand your pain now buddy)
    Yumadas Beegbut & TheProgrammer163 (Script gods who helped me rediscover one of the most specific and annoying bugs in Halo 5 scripting)
    Merlin the Black Labrador, Sophie the Golden Retriever & Zorgo the Corgi (Goodest bois)

    P.S. There is an Easter-Egg on this map and I challenge you to find it. (No peeking in forge)
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