Dùn Labha

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. HoboSteeveJacko
    A mystical Gaelic castle drawing powers from lava. this is a 4v4 map supporting slayer and ctf. This map also hosts some pretty immersive scripts. The lava pit in the center of the map has a slow kill effect, not to mention some great effects to give life to the lava. There's also a organ that functions. When walking up toi the keys, notes start to play. Give this map a DL, invite some friends play a song, and have a great match

Recent Reviews

  1. b0b is here b0b is here
    This map is superb. I jumped at the chance to do scripting on here for you. Stained glass looks great for the atmosphere. Center lava does damage over time and all fire fx do not kill players, in case you see them and are wondering. Stare at the lava from a, close by, safe distance for a moment to really appreciate it ;)


  1. Nano

    Nano ODST

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    I like the keys on the Organ, the detail....Wow!
  2. HoboSteeveJacko

    HoboSteeveJacko Spartan I

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    Thank you so much! I would love to take full credit but in truth Kawecki helped me on the keys in particular. I had made keys too, even using the same method but when he saw what I did he wanted to add more octaves. I'd also like to say on here the organ works. It only has 2 working octaves but when you walk up to the keyboard or stand on it, it will play notes. So invite some friends and play them a song!

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