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  1. Ryley

    Cynopolis (city of the dog) is the name of an ancient Egyptian town which was home to the cult of Anubis. The map features a statue of the canine deity with a ankh symbol atop the pyramid.


    The overall experience of this map I tried influencing is the idea of strong team work and strong individual play. The way I tried to evolve this simple concept is from the maps division and objective setup. The map is divided into an outdoor space with Anubis's head and an interior space housing the "door". The objective of the map is still slayer but has a built in map feature that rewards players with varying power ups/weapons. How the player will acquire these upgrades is simplified to controlling a interact able volume on top of Anubis's head. Once a player is continuously controlling this volume from the outside, a large door directly across the head and inside the map will begin to slowly open. As long as a player is present within this volume the door will consistently rise. Once the door rises to a crouch able height (minimum height) players can walk under it to enter a teleporter. This teleporter will then send players to a soft kill room which will reward the player with a power up/weapon. Once the upgrade is grabbed there is a exiting telepoter that spawns the player back on the map. This reentering telepoter sends you flying out of the eye of the ankh and back onto Anubis's head. The way in which players can achieve greater rewards is by waiting in the Anubis volume longer to raise the door to different tiers. The higher the door reaches the greater the reward. There are multiple visual ques and sounds effects to keep you informed on what you have essential unlocked and when the next tier is near. Once a new room has been unlocked the backdrop of the telepoter will change colors and create a sound effect. There are also little dashes of lights that signify the level at which the door tier changes. These new room unlocks don't stack but instead override the previous room.

    List of tiers, colors, rewards and times
    • Tier-1, Color- Blue, Reward- speed boost, Time- 14 seconds
    • Tier-2, Color- White, Reward- Binary Rifle (1 spare clip), Time- 34 seconds
    • Tier-3, Color- Green, Reward- OS and light rifle (0 spare clips), Time- 61 seconds
    • Tier-4, Color- Purple, Reward- Binary rifle (1 spare clip) and Incineration Cannon (50%), Time- 90 seconds
    • Tier-5, Color- Yellow, Reward- speed boost, damage boost, OS and scattershot (1 spare clip), Time- 118 seconds
    There is roughly 30 seconds between each room and an overall wait of 2 minutes to fully achieve the last room. Once the teleporter is activated the door will then close/reset and the Anubis volume will despawn allowing for players to duel it out for an instance. The Anubis volume will respawn within 20 seconds helping to create a fast pace experience. The door and head are both marked with way point markers to show the player where to be. When the Anubis volume is despawned and respawns the eyes will glow red and a sound effect will play. The Anubis volume is also visible when active so a player can know where to be situated.

    With this new element it is sure to surprise the player with new strategies to discover and master. The map forces a team to control both sides of the map in order to control the door. It makes it extremely difficult to go for better rewards because at anytime your opponent can charge through the teleporter and steal your reward. Will you play it safe or wait for a greater reward?


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    Dayuummmm man. Love the Anubis statue. Always a pleasure to see your work.
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    The Map kinda reminds me of a Garrys Mod map. Also I love the Egyptian theme you have chosen.
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    Your face statue art is impeccable. Again and again you out do yourself and I'm continually impressed.
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