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  1. Sins of Truth
    "Craft worlds like these often hid small oasis unreachable by most conventional forms of travel."

    Yo yo, it's your favourite Sins of Truth here, haven't been active all that much for a long long time now, life has been pretty hectic.
    Well, I mean it has been for everyone with this whole pandemic going on and on top of that I've been mainly focussing on my music and art, grinding away and just having fun with it. I've loved video games and forge especially but it's been nice branching out into other creative mediums, as well as just living a little bit haha. Had a lot of personal problems going on as well but those dark days seem to be thinning out and it looks like by the time Infinite drops I'll be in a place mentally where I'm able to interact with others again and can be a little more social lol;)

    Anyway with all that behind us here's a little aesthetic thing I did. Not sure why or how it started and it's only a small little thing but I finished it anyway. I may add more to it, it's usually not like me that have so little detail within a build but who knows, that's an adventure only the future me knows.

    Anyway it's been nice catching up, hope to reengage with everyone again when the time is right. :)

    ***Don't know what the whole deal with the image sizes is but basically no matter what I try and do I'm unable to upload map images on here without Forgehub throwing a ****ing wobble. Better image is in the download link, I'll try and fix this when I've upgraded my laptop but until then I'm done ********


  1. Sins of Truth

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    Map looks like a ****ing joke all due to image file sizes. Fml

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