Csurdon Cove

4v4 Strongholds

Map Description

  1. Sir Veyza

    Once ceremonial grounds for the Swords of Sangeilios, this quiet cove now hosts Spartan and Sangheili training exercises. Don't let it's beautiful coastline deceive you, there is danger here. Csurdon Cove is a medium-sized asymmetrical map optimized for 8 - 12 players. The Map supports Slayer, Strongholds, and CTF.

    This map features Covenant themed weapons, with a focus on interesting verticality, multiple path options, and flanking routes. Frequent jump-ups provide opportunities to get around your enemy, or provide your enemy with the means to get the jump on you!

    If players are looking for a fun and intense experience with a good mix of long sight-lines, frantic close quarters combat, and strategic objective gameplay then Csurdon Cove is the right choice!

    Notes from Beardy:

    This map means a lot to me. It's my first foray into a core game mode focused map build. Since Halo 3, I've been more of an Infection focused forger, but I had always wanted to take the deep dive into Core style maps. I started this thing back in late February but after some initial complications with design, I took a HUGE hiatus. Fast forward 3 months and I decide to message D4rkDeath to see if he'd be willing to give my map a look, and see if he had any suggestions for me. All I can say is that I could not have done this without him. His counsel and suggestions gave me the feedback I needed to really elevate this thing to the next level. While he didn't necessarily build too many things, the amount of support he gave me and advice he threw my way makes him more than deserving of a co-forger mention. As well, he helped with the terrain smoothing, and lightmap cleanup.

    Initially, I knew I wanted to build something that really felt like you were on Sangheilios. The missions in the Campaign of Halo 5 that took place there really captured me, and I loved the aesthetic of the coastline. Trying to translate that into a multiplayer map was fun and challenging, though as a Californian, I can't run away from those Palms, so i added a few in there to add some interesting shadows, but also act as sight blockers for a few of the elevated positions. If you ask D4rk, he'll probably say I went a little statue crazy, which may be true, but they added interesting cover points, and sight blockers to the map.

    The map was very different in it's first iteration than it's current, and I may go back and add more foliage or additional paths depending on Player feedback. Weapons cycled around a lot after play tests, and eventually D4rk and I found a good place for them. The pallet for Sangheili pieces isn't quite large, so I had to get creative with some of the ways I used the pieces. I'm happy with how everything turned out, and I hope to make a larger more intricate Sangheili based map in the future!

    Building the scenery on this map was also a blast! I really tried to make it a beautiful map to walk around and play on, as well as play well. With the lighting from the sunset, and the backdrop working in tandem, this map can have to feeling like you're trekking through the Vadam lands like in the Campaign!

    Lastly, I want to thank everyone who plays the map and leaves constructive feedback, as well as all the testers who jumped in to give me a hand in the map's first handful of tests! I also want to give a huge thanks to INFINUT who came through pulling tests together, as well as providing additional feedback that really helped the map prosper.

Recent Reviews

  1. This map hosts a really good looking, immersive backdrop and theme that is pulled off well, and this map features a plasma caster, sword, and beam rifle. This map plays well, and the layout wasn't difficult to figure out. I never felt like I was lost, but it wasnt overly simple either as there were different elevations and routes that kept the map interesting. I have only play tested the map one time, and I may edit/change this review after further playtests (I don't feel qualified to say this map is a 10/10 because I need to play on it more). Overall, the map was refreshing and it was nice to play on the Sanghelios coastline. Too many people sacrifice backdrop for map size or "gameplay", and although I understand that forge has its limitations, I have found that the maps I keep coming back to play on are the ones that make me really feel like I'm somewhere in real life (or the Halo universe). Gameplay is important, but to me, gameplay doesn't matter if the map isn't immersive or good looking, straight up.

    -Sincerely, weeeeemann, coforger to D4rkDeath and the wee man behind the Jurassic Park & 'Ancestor' map aesthetics (and no, I did not help Beardzerker with this map - I just met him like 3 days ago)


  1. D4rkDeath

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    Fantastic map to play on! Glad you looked me up, interesting map to play strongholds on and ctf! I was happy to help with a few design changes and a few other things.

    I truly look forward to more content from this excellent up and coming forger! Well done!
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