8v8 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. D4rkpr1nc3
    This map was a collaboration between myself and ilsilentii. I told silent my initial idea for the map and looked at some pictures I took from requiem. Silent then created the center trench and the front of the neutral forerunner structure based on our initial talks.

    After silent established the art style and theme for the map, I took his assets and expanded them out to a full size btb map. I wanted to create a very natural looking outdoor environment with forerunner architecture included.

    The map features two opposite forerunner bases, a neutral forerunner base, an underground cave system and plenty of rocky terrain with lanes for vehicles.

    The map features predominately forerunner weapons with a few covenant thrown in. Each team has a warthog, ghost and gungoose and there is one neutral mantis in the neutral forerunner structure.

    The map is set up for ffa, big team slayer, ctf, assault and strongholds.


  1. Mabolsa Ritchie

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    Looks nice.
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  2. eLantern

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    Any game-play video footage? How the frame-rate hold up?

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