Cryogenic Mutations


Map Description

  1. OPG StingRay17
    Cryogenics Corp. has been experimenting with human corpses for several years until recently a mutation spiraled out of control. Now the preserved corpses have been reanimated and have reproduced at a rapid rate, decimating the remaining employees working there.

    As a military crew it is your job to find Intel of the mutation hidden away in a data chamber in hopes to contain it before it fully unleashes itself upon the world. There will be supply boxes to help you on your way but make sure to be conservative with ammo as you and your allies will not drop any.
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Recent Reviews

  1. KeeLoker KeeLoker
    When it comes to linear infection, many people will be afraid to try new things and stray away from the typical "run here and holdout" kind of thing. This map takes that idea and throws it out the window.

    This map's gameplay varies so much that you're experience on it can will always feel fulfilling when you progress. The different side-objectives you are required to do also keeps the gameplay fresh and new without feeling repetitive or frustrating. The map itself is also quite long which not many linear infection maps can attribute with, so I appreciate that as well.
  2. NILLOC916 NILLOC916
    Fun to play. Straightforward so stupid randoms don't screw it up. However, there's a bit where a lazer is around a corner and some humans run into it by accident. It's a bit disruptive to gameplay and I've had a couple folk rage quit from it.


  1. Generai PUG

    Generai PUG Spartan I

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    I played this with you. its the only linear infection map I actually thought was good. Very nice job on this map and I love the immersive feeling you get on this map (especially on the elevator)
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  2. OPG StingRay17

    OPG StingRay17 Spartan II

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    OPG StingRay17 updated Cryogenic Mutations with a new update entry:

    Ball relocation and infected changes

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