4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Centru
    This is a map I've made for the Halo 3: Forge the Fight Competition. I originally made this map for Halo Reach but have remade it for Halo 3. I designed it with the intention of it being used for 2-Flag CTF, but it also works for Assault, KOTH, and Slayer. I was particularly inspired by Orbital, Citadel, Epitaph and Penance from Halo Reach. Each of the previously mentioned maps have a degree of vertical gameplay to it as well as ample cover and escape routes. These maps were also good at encouraging high level movement as the right skill jump could land you in an advantageous position. I believe I've captured those aspects with this map. The symmetrical nature of this map combined with it's small sized and layered paths makes for fast paced gameplay that rewards map knowledge and the ability to jump from one path to the next. I found myself really enjoying Crazy King as it bounces from each pole of the map making you use every route to get to the hill.


    Crossroads, as the name implies, is built in the shape of a cross. On the north and south tips of the cross are the team spawns. From spawn you have a view of the four different routes you could take to move through the map. The lower center route, the outer route, the middle center route, and the top center route.
    (View from Red Spawn)
    (View from Blue Spawn)

    The lower center route is the most direct to the other teams spawn and opens to an atrium which connects to each route on it's North, South, East, and West sides. As such the atrium is the most dangerous but potentially most rewarding route as it is the most direct with decent cover, but is easily visible from other paths on the map.
    (Blue Entrance to Atrium)
    (Atrium from Above)
    (Atrium as viewed from Center of Middle Route)
    The outer route loops around the center of the map. With ample cover and short sight lines you are protected from the Sniper Rifle that spawns on both the East and West corners of the map. This is the longest route to the other side of the map from your initial spawn. The danger of this route comes from the time taken to move through it and the potential to fall off from poor movement or grenades.
    (Outer Route to East sniper spawn from red spawn)
    (Outer Route to West sniper spawn from red spawn)
    (Sniper Spawn on East side)

    The middle center route runs parallel to the outer route but is separated by a wall. It also overlooks the center atrium and is visible from the top center route. The two middle center routes on the map are built facing the initial spawn of each team, and give them a very safe route to the enemy objective spawn. The opening and grav lifts from it's center allow for this route to be easily cut off and defended. It's a very safe route containing a BR spawn and access to the Bubble Shield that spawns in the center of the map.
    (Middle Route entrance from blue spawn)
    (Middle Route and drop down to atrium)
    (Center of Middle Route)
    (Center of Middle Route with Grav Lift Entrance and Exit in sight)
    (Center of Middle Route, looking to Atrium)
    (West side of Middle Route, red's Middle Route ends here)
    The top center route is the highest route of the map and is also the tightest. Suspended slightly above this pathway in the center is a Rocket Launcher with two shots. From this pathway you can see entirely into the atrium and somewhat into the middle center route. There is next to no cover and you are easily attacked from multiple sides, making the rocket launcher a high risk, high reward grab. This path connects each side's podium that is located in spawn, which is where flag plant spawns.
    (Entrance to Top Center Route from blue Middle Route)
    (Rocket Spawn as seen from Red Entrance to Top Center Route)
    (Another view of the entrance to the Top Center Route)
    The last note to make on the design of the map is the gravity lifts. There are four lifts positioned opposed from each other on each side of the map. These lifts act as fast ways to traverse from the bottom floor to the top. They are built in unison with an opening adjacent to them that allows a player to do just the opposite. These lifts keep players from maintaining one position for too long and ensure that there is always an escape route no matter where you're at on the map. Skilled players will be able to jump through the adjacent holes if need be.
    (Grav Lift entrance and exit in Atrium)
    (Grav Lift entrance and exit in Center of Middle Route)
    Weapons & Equipment
    When I made this map I wanted the Rocket Launcher to be the most contested power weapon on the board and as such I made it the most risky to grab. In looking at classic Halo Maps I noticed the large amount of weapons on each map and took that into consideration when making this. A large portion of the Halo sandbox is available on this map. I didn't place much equipment on this map due to it's small size. I did place a bubble shield on the pillar in the center and treated it like a power weapon as it can protect a large area of the map for a good duration. I placed two trip mines in the far edges of the map at each teams spawn. When used in the traditional sense they can act as an area denier for choke points or when tossed and shot they can be used to clear corners or knock back opponents. I put the mid/long range weapons on the edge of the map far from their optimal positions to be used to encourage players to continue to push to objective points or other players. The short range, high rate of fire weapons are placed all over the map to fuel that close range engagement and fast paced gameplay I was going for.

    Rocket Launcher (1, 120 Second Spawn, 2 Rounds)
    Sniper Rifle (2, 180 Second Spawn, 4 Shots Each)
    Battle Rifle (6, Varying Spawn rates, 1 Mag)
    Carbine (2, 20 Second Spawn, 1 Mag.)
    Pistol (2, 30 Second Spawn, 2 Mags)
    SMG (4, 45 Second Spawn, 1 Mag each)
    Spiker (2, 30 Second Spawn, 2 Mags)
    Plasma Rifle (2, 30 Second Spawn)
    Plasma Pistol (2, 30 Second Spawn)
    Bubble Shield (1, 120 Second Spawn)
    Trip Mine (2, 45 Second Spawn)

    Closing Thoughts
    My aim with this map was to capture the qualities of my favorite Halo maps across the series and create an experience that promotes the use of clever movement and aggressive fast paced play. My play testing has shown me that I was able to do just that and I hope that any of those who play this map can say the same. Thank you so much for checking out my map.

    (A Full Gallery of this Map is viewable at)
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