Criss Cross

Map Description

  1. OrionHardy
    Hello Forge hub, and welcome to my first map of Halo 5, a remake of my own (and personal favourite) map from both Halo Reach and Halo 4, Criss Cross.

    Criss Cross is a collision course style map, with the collision section be the middle bounce pad that you loop back to four times during each lap. In previous versions, there was a timed explosion that happened under the bounce pad at set intervals to add to the chaos. However, thanks to the new scripting in Halo 5's forge. It has now been made a trigger-able trap. Before you make the jump down to the bounce pad each time. There are green chroma screens acting as pressure plates. Drive over it and you set of a set of scripting that will trigger the explosion in the middle, with just enough time for you to make it to the other side before said explosion happens. However, if the Chroma screens are red, that means they've already been trigger and are on a cool down, designed to allow everything to re-spawn, and also to stop them being used by one person.

    The aesthetics of the map focus around the Kill Ball floating above the bounce pad. This is a shout out to the very original version of the map from Halo Reach call PPO (P*ss Pete off). A map myself, my step brother and his friend threw together to troll another friend. In the very original version, instead of the explosion trap, there was a kill ball being thrown back and forth over the bounce pad via man cannons. The original map ended up being very fun, which is way I still make whenever I get a new version of Halo to try it on (I missed the MCC which is why there isn't a version for that game.

    The idea of the aesthetic is that the kill ball is some kind of ancient forerunner relic floating above a tiny island, being held aloft by 4 pylons, which are getting there power from the lightening strikes that regularly hit them. It is unknown if the relic is responsible for the storm that surrounds it or not. Due to it being a forerunner relic, both the UNSC and Covenant forces have had interest in it. However, due to the storm, attempts to land on the island and take control have not ended well for either side.

    This map as taken me absolutely ages to get finish. This was mainly because when Forge came out in Halo 5, there was no way to replicate the bounce pad from previous version. I had to wait till the release of gravity modifiers before I could even start. I was nearly finished with it, but then a glitched cause by the update for Halo 5 forge PC completely ruined the map and I had to start again. However, I'm kinda happy it took so long as I love the Forerunner pieces that came with the last update.

    Map can be played with a full lobby, though I'd say 10 - 12 players are probably for the best. Maps scores you a point for each checkpoint crossed and has 10 checkpoints per lap. When playing with the race game type, use mongooses and make sure they are set to being indestructible.

    Please bookmark and like, and enjoy the chaos.


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