Crisis on Planet Scarf

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. GamerPeepFreaks
    The foreign alien planet of Scarf holds 87% water mass. Many of its beaches have baby blue water and beautiful cream stone rocks. This map was built for 4v4 Team slayer. No objective modes nor FFA has been added. The map was just an out of the blue inspiration so I threw it together. If the community seems to like this map, I may take more time to smooth it up and make it look better than it does.

    Feels good to be back...
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    Judging from the images alone, it looks like this could be a BTB map. Have you tried playing the map with higher player counts?

    I like the aesthetic of the crashed ship, really cool to define your space like that. The name however begs me to think of a variety of successors like 'attack on planet sweater' ;)
  2. GamerPeepFreaks

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    Hahaha I have not heard of that map! I was literally sitting down and my friend walked in with a scarf on and I was like "Hell yeah, planet Scarf!".

    Other than that, this map could maybe be played as a BTB map but no vehicles would be served because of tight confined spaces. As I have said, this map was kind of a throw together and It's not smoothed out to its greatest cause I wanted to get feedback on it. I do have BTB spawn limits on the map so I could always try it out. Haven't even tested the map once, kinda finished it and threw it up. Will start playing with it some time though, just a little busy with college.

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