Crazy Gadget

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  1. Shiningdragon7X
    A footrace style race map based off of the level Crazy Gadget from Sonic Adventure 2/Battle. The map is located on the Space Conony A.R.K space station from the game. Players traverse through several rooms that bear some resemblances to the rooms from the level. There are various hazards that players have to dodge/overcome throughout the stage, including GUN beetle robots that produce hazardous electrical fields, acid pits, spike balls, and the most notable being the Artificial Chaos. There are 2 forms of Artificial Chaos in this map; Sentry type and Float type. Some of the Chaos in this map are scripted to manifest and lash out their liquid tendrils at players, causing instant death, while others simply have there tendrils out at all times, and others just have lasers projecting at the players. There are also poles that players can jump and slide across on as well as a grind rail over an acid pit and a light dash path outside of the space station. The final room is a toned down version of the wicked room in the actual Sonic level. Players simply slide on a pathway that takes them up, down, backwards, and sideways across various blocks of different colors that eventually transport them to the final checkpoint and warp them back to the beginning of the level.

    Any footrace game type should work, but my Sonic Footrace game type below works the best. 4 points per lap, 12 points for 3 laps.

    Some credit goes to Sword of Malnok for the design of the checkpoint markers and for brainstorming some ideas with me, and to Sheeracali for assisting with the enemy scripting.

    This map is still phase 1 and I hope to add more scripting on some of the other enemies, so expect some updates in the future.

    This is my first footrace style race map. Hope everyone gives it a try and has a fun time!
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  1. Sword of Malnok

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    I had a problem with all-out wars breaking out around checkpoints as people spawn and kill each other. Other than that, I love the map.

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