1. It's still not good...

    So I've made a few changes to me olde 1v1 map. The thing is, It still has the same problems and it's really just not improved at all but here's an update anyway.

    -Slight height variations around teleporter entrance.
    -Upper area around teleporter exit has been changed a bit
    -exposed upper walkway added around the same area, which crosses into other part of map

    As always, all feedback welcome.
  2. A lot has changed...

    Plenty of work has gone into improving aesthetics since I released the map. The new screenshots show this improvement.

    The one way teleporter exit now provides access to a new upper ledge found diagonally opposite the previous exit . This ledge provides a good view over the other half of the map but is a very hard to defend position which cannot be escaped. (Soft kill also added in teleporter exit to prevent camping). A lift has also been added from bottom mid where the scattershot...