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  1. Mos Deaf
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    GT: MosDeaf42
    Map: Corridor

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    'Corridor' offers a unconventional approach to Breakout, with respect to aesthetics, layout, and gunplay.

    Aesthetics and layout were heavily inspired by Dark Souls, specifically Anor Londo's castle interior. The entire map focuses on a single curved staircase at the center of the map. There are two floors with three rooms to each side. The Launchpad has been replaced with a custom one, as to match the map's theme.

    There are three types of weapons both teams can utilise on this map; LightRifle, Storm Rifle, and Shotgun. Both teams have safe access to their LightRifles and Storm Rifles. However, the two Shotguns are on tables in the middle of the map (one upper floor, other lower floor), making them risky to grab unless you can suppress the enemy team. There are additional grenades on the map, with Splinter Grenades located in the middle on the tables and staircase.
    Should you have trouble locating a weapon, look for a Silver Knight, for there is always one near a weapon.

    Due to the map's close quarters, Chosen Undead might find themselves relying more on their SMG than their Magnum.

    Finally, in the spirit of Dark Souls, there are two walls that are not all they seem to be. Perhaps you should... try attacking.

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    For those who are wondering why I chose LightRifle and Storm Rifle:
    The LightRifle acts as both a Battle Rifle (when scoped) and DMR (when unscoped) in terms of damage on Breakout settings. However, I feel this is a better balance than the BR due to the slower fire rate and slightly higher skill required to hit your target.

    The Storm Rifle was meant as an alternative to the Assault Rifle that you see on Breakout maps, but instead a more powerful automatic wepaon with a shorter range. Its fire rate is on par with the SMG, but deals more damage. The drawback is it's not hitscan. As such, the Storm Rifle should be used between the SMG's optimal range and melee range.
    My opinion of Assault Rifles in Breakout is that it's not the best gun to have in Breakout due to the health/shield settings and combat space. SMGs can dominate it in close range, and the BR or DMR will trump it at longer ranges.

    My thanks to CAW0139 and L3g3ndarY NovA, for providing assistance throughout development.

    My thanks to the members of the Forerunner Conflict community for helping me playtest this map.

    Should you find any issues, glitches, broken parts, or simply want to give feedback, feel free to comment.

    \[T]/ Praise the Sun! \[T]/
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