4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Squally DaBeanz

    By Squally DaBeanz

    "The headquarters for Phoenix Global is just one of many monuments to greed scattered across this skyline."

    Note: This map received minimal playtesting.

    Corporate is a small symmetrical map set within a skyscraper looking out across a city skyline. I always wanted to make a map that was some sort of luxurious business space with clean geometry, moody lighting, and holograms. After a lot of brainstorming, and some inspiration from Cyberpunk 2077, I came up with a basic idea of a layout. I went through a lot of iteration and exploration before settling on this design.

    The map is roughly a boomerang shape with bases at either end and various routes from one side to another. The outer end of the boomerang is a long exterior walkway looking out over the city skyline, and connecting to the interior in several key locations. The inner curve of the boomerang is a multi-leveled combat bubble with little cover, as it is the quickest way between the bases. This space is home to a giant globe hologram being projected from the lower service areas beneath the main walkway.

    The bases themselves are simple two story rooms. The balcony in each base has a vent leading to the exterior catwalk, and a platform overlooking over the "inner curve" side of the map. Each platform has direct sightlines onto the other platform and into the small rooms on either side of the Camo spawn.

    In front of each base is a junction hallway leading to the exterior walkway, the inner curve, or the central atrium. There is also an elevator shaft players can climb up to reach smaller rooms. These rooms look across the central atrium at each other, have stairs leading down to the exterior walkway, and both lead to each other via the Camo spawn.

    The central atrium itself is a large circular room housing a golden phoenix statue, with the Plasma Caster spawning on the tail. There are two doors in from the exterior walkway, and two curved ramps leading up to the junction hallways in front of each base. Behind the statue is a small corridor leading to the service areas below the globe hologram.