Core Room

4v4 Slayer

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  1. AngelitoCO
    Core Room

    Map Description: A map inspired by H2 Warlock forged on a different theme and compatible to H5 mechanics

    I used my imagination and adapted it to the H2 map Warlock layout, adding more cover, bridges and rooms.

    All corners have scripted doors that can be opened using the scripted buttons besides each corner stairs

    • Added some details
    • Changed power weapon, now it's a railgun
    • Doors on the corners are now open instead of closed, except for capture the flag (balance the game, you can still open the door using the button)
    • Added sounds
    • Fix lightbake on some blocks
    • I'm always be looking for ways to improve the map

    I'm open to hear your ideas or suggestions...

    Enjoy... :)


  1. Ryouji Gunblade

    Ryouji Gunblade Spartan I

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    The shape is cool. Maybe try making some more unpainted metallic parts? I see the pistons, but you could also have small lights here and there that assist with identifying which corner is which.

    This map is all indoors right? Have you considered chromaboxing the outside and turning light bake off?

    And if you wanted, I could help you animate that center emissive column with spinning visible boundaries.
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  2. AngelitoCO

    AngelitoCO Spartan I

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    I chroma box the outside, and I'll be removing light bake on some blocks
    Also I added some lights to assist corners
    I've never thought to use visible boundaries as details, that explains a lot of details on maps.
    Men I have to thank you you just solve one of my doubts
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